Imaginary Blend Refund Policy – Terms and Conditions

Our refund policy is designed to ensure fairness for all customers and creators in the marketplace. Refunds are typically granted for faulty products or those that do not function as intended.

Due to a rising number of fraudulent attempts to demand refunds immediately after purchase without particular reason, I find it necessary to implement a refund policy to clearly outline the guidelines.

Unreal Marketplace Refund Policy and Marketplace Refund Guidelines can be applied in most cases.  

  1. Refunds are applicable under the following conditions:

    • A bug within the Marketplace item prevents you from using it as advertised.
    • The description, screenshots, or video in the Marketplace don’t accurately reflect the content of the Marketplace item.
  2. By making a purchase, you acknowledge the product limitations, especially the following:

    • The product’s documentation outlines its constraints, and it is essential to review them before making a purchase.
    • Product demos showcase typical use cases for which they were created and thoroughly tested.
    • If uncertain about the product’s capabilities, inquire and ensure that it meets your expectations.
    • Make sure that the product supports the Unreal Engine version that you use.
    • The purchase pertains to the current version of the product, not future planned changes. If a required functionality is not present in the current product version consider holding with the purchase.
    • The creator does not provide developing your product through buying the asset.
  3. The refund will not be approved in the following cases:

    • “I thought it would work differently”
      Read the documentation and listed limitations before purchasing. In case of ambiguity, inquire on the product page to ensure your expectations can be met.
    • “I wanted it to be more realistic”
      The creator is providing the executable demo that presents the possibilities of the product. Test it before the purchase.
    • “I didn’t see that it won’t work on Mobile and VR, PathTracing, Ray Tracing, Lumen, Sequencer”
      You have to check for information in the description and ask especially for specific technologies or design assumptions.
    • “I’m a beginner; I don’t know how to use the engine; nothing works; I need tutorials”
      The product is intended for experienced users of the Unreal Engine. Support questions will be answered, but the creator is not obligated to teach how the engine works.
    • “I wanted to create an open-world multiplayer, but it’s impossible.”
      Creating open-world games is challenging due to the extensive design and development required to craft a seamless and immersive environment. The requirements cannot be precisely defined. By deciding on this genre, you implicitly accept the difficulties associated with the problems you will encounter.
    • “The product was expensive, and I need money now”
      Please do not act impulsive, make wise decisions before purchasing the product.
    • “I did not read the refund policy before the purchase”
      Being unaware of the law is not considered an excuse.
  4. Refund process

    • Only Epic can issue refunds for Marketplace items.
    • Before requesting a refund contact support through the email address or the “Questions” section on the marketplace to get help.
    • Refund requests must be made by submitting a Marketplace Refund Request Case within 14 days from the date the transaction took place.
    • The seller has the right to request verification of your refund history to determine whether it is fraudulent or not.
    • In case of the situation when the marketplace support team decides to leave the decision about a refund to the seller the “Imaginary Blend Refund Policy” applies.
  5. In case of issues with downloading the product

    • Ensure the product supports the engine version for which you are trying to download it.
    • Restart the Marketplace launcher to refresh products on your list.
    • Contact marketplace support to resolve the issue.