Hello World!

The Imaginary Blend is my personal undertaking, intended to gather all of my work in one cohesive space. At present, my primary focus revolves around developing plugins and packages for fellow Unreal Engine developers. By sharing my knowledge, I aspire to create a blog that will prove beneficial to others in the future.

About me

My name is Krystian and I’m a programmer (well I know that it sounds like starting a conversation at an Anonymous Programmers meeting…). I’m an ‘ordinary’ graphics, physics, and game mechanics geek with 15+ years of experience in magic visual stuff. I know something (not too much) about:

  • 3D engine programming
  • C++, Delphi/Object Pascal
  • Unreal Engine 3/4
  • OpenGL and GLSL
  • Physics and animation programming
  • Gameplay and game mechanics
  • Optimization
  • Android platform

Always busy but ready to help so don’t hesitate to contact me if I can save the world with you: imaginary.blend@gmail.com