Ice Cool released


I am pleased to inform that the package Ice Cool is already available on the marketplace. [Link]

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Volumetric Glass Showcase


New package is coming very soon 🙂 Just waiting for final review.

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Glitchphobia was my first game created for Epc MegaJam it was really fun experience and great opportunity to check skills and speed programing.

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Aquatic Surface – Update 1.2


Update 1.2 is ready now. One of the biggest change is new blueprint BP_AquaticSimulation that implements the simulated interactions between the water surface and environment objects.

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Weapon FOV


I’ve spent some time on R&D focused on resolving a few important problems with FPP weapon/hands in UE4. A material node that I’ve implemented is an (I believe better) alternative to commonly used “Panini projection” node known from Unreal Tournament project.

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Aquatic Surface Mobile and VR?


Why not? 🙂  I’ve just spent two days on preparing VR and mobile support in Aquatic Surface it looks like all features works. A new update is coming soon I just have to add another feature – character interaction.

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Aquatic Surface – Coming soon


My new water package is coming really soon. List of features is huge read more on the documentation page.

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Fast Stylized Procedural Sky Update 1.6


New update of Fast Stylized Procedural Sky is already waiting for a review on Epic Marketplace.

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Testing lightning effect


Fast Stylized Procedural Sky and a small sneak peak of the next update  🙂

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Anime Toon Shading Update 1.3


I’m happy to introduce a new huge update of package Anime Toon Shading.

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Shadertoy: Retro Sun


I’m just starting messing with a shadertoy and it’s my first simple retro shader based on signed distance functions: Retro Sun

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Testing Volumetric Fog


I’ve done some test witch volumetric fog rendering in UE4. Check out the results.

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